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Our company's participation in government initiatives

Letter of commitment of Xiamen Yuanyuan centralized purchase & Trade Co., Ltd. to participate in the "Three Guarantees"

“ come forward, fight bravely and work hard; ” General Secretary Xi Jinping's request is our guide to struggle: “ quality assurance, price protection and supply ” it is our actual action to safeguard people's health and consumer rights and interests. In the face of the sudden outbreak and the eager expectation of consumers, we solemnly promise:

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control plan and decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council should be implemented, improving the political standing, strengthening industry self-discipline, undertaking social responsibility and adhering to the integrity management.

According to the market demand, speed up the recovery of production capacity, ensure product quality, improve service level, smooth logistics and transportation, ensure safety protection, maintain price stability and enrich market supply.

We will work closely with local government departments to build a line of defense against the epidemic. &"Three Guarantees" action, let's start together!

Commitment enterprise: Xiamen Yuanyuanjicai trade Co., Ltd


February 7, 2020

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