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Detection kit for novel coronavirus (2019ncov) ORFLAB/N gene

The novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) ORF1ab gene and N gene were detected by multiple PCR- fluorescent probe detection and one-step RT-PCR detection.

The novel coronavirus is characterized by the use of one-step RT-PCR to simultaneously carry out the ORF1ab and N genes of the new coronavirus. This ensures the accuracy of the detection to the maximum extent, avoids the occurrence of missed detection or misinspection, and the product contains the internal standard system. Through the detection of householder gene RNA, it can effectively assess whether the sample is qualified, whether the nucleic acid extraction process is correct or not, and RT-PCR. Whether the operation and reaction are normal, effectively monitor the occurrence of false negative, and assist the clinical early diagnosis and treatment.

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