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Disposable medical mask

The disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of non-woven fabric and filter paper; the disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of fiber non-woven fabric, which is used for medical and health care. In the middle, more than 99% of the filter and spray cloth with filtration and bacteria prevention are welded by ultrasonic wave. The nose is made of environmental friendly plastic strip, free of any metal, equipped with air permeability, comfortable. The filtering effect of b.f.e is as high as 99%, which is especially suitable for electronic factories; the disposable active carbon mask is made of 28g non-woven fabric on the surface and 99% bacteria proof filter paper on the first layer in the middle, which plays a role in preventing bacteria and virus damage; the second layer in the middle is made of new high-efficiency adsorption and filtering materials active carbon fiber and active carbon cloth, It has the functions of anti poison, deodorization, bacteria filtration and dust prevention.

Disposable masks for children

It is a disposable product, which can prevent cross infection; ethylene oxide sterilization, non-toxic, sterile, safe and reliable; soft and comfortable to wear.

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