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Emergency support plan for medical materials

Working principles

Prevention first and constant preparation. Improve the awareness of medical material supply support in other situations such as hospital emergency operations, prevention of public health emergencies and geological disaster support, implement various preventive measures, and do a good job in material emergency reserve.

Scope of application

The plan is applicable to the supply of medical rescue materials for group personnel injury caused by emergency operations, natural disasters, accident disasters and public health emergencies.

Emergency safeguard system of medical devices

1 when the emergency plan for medical devices is launched, the team members must be on duty immediately, implement the 24-hour duty system, and keep the communication unblocked.

2 at ordinary times, a certain amount of emergency support equipment and materials shall be prepared for emergency use in case of emergency; the reserved materials shall be checked and updated regularly to keep them in valid period and normal state.

3. Equipment supply under emergency state shall be established at ordinary times. Each equipment or equipment shall guarantee at least 3 to 5, so as to ensure that emergency materials can arrive within 24 hours.

4 in case of emergency, equipment and equipment can be purchased by means of allocation first, and then price negotiation to ensure supply as soon as possible.

5 in case of emergency, the maintenance engineers shall take the way of maintenance first and then reporting to meet the needs of technical support.

6 in case of emergency, the material supply personnel shall report the emergency support work of the Department to the superior in charge every half a working day.

7 after the cancellation of the emergency state, the material supply personnel shall summarize the work experience in writing within 2 working days and report the situation of this emergency support task to the superior in charge in writing.

Training and drill

Set up regular emergency support training system, master the emergency work process and requirements, and properly conduct emergency support task drill, so as to improve the emergency support supply capacity of the equipment department in the real situation.

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