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Anti counterfeiting of medical materials

Strengthening and optimizing the scientific management of high-value medical consumables is the most important thing to improve the management level of the hospital. From purchasing to warehousing, to using to patients, it is imperative to realize the modern management means in the whole cycle to make the consumables use efficiently and output at low cost.
The anti-counterfeiting traceability management system of medical materials integrates RFID technology into a series of process analysis of high-value materials ordering management, internal requisition and use tracking, which greatly improves the efficiency of high-value materials management and control in hospitals. From the storage of high-value consumables to the binding of electronic labels to carry the key information of consumables, the internal circulation process is monitored through RFID until it is applied to patients and internally The implementation of the whole process control and the traceability of medical materials greatly accelerated the pace of modern management of medical information. Finally, the use of all kinds of high-value consumables and the annual use trend are comprehensively analyzed to help the high-value material manager judge the consumption of consumables in each stage, so as to order in an orderly and reasonable way.
In recent years, there has been an obvious surge in the types and quantities of medical consumables. For hospitals, there are great difficulties in data collection and entry, let alone in the later traceability management. Based on the digital medical research experience, the anti-counterfeiting traceability management system of medical materials analyzes the procurement process of high-value consumables, uses RFID technology to quickly identify and collect data, and introduces RFID technology into product traceability. It greatly increases the circulation and reliability of products, reduces the cost of human and material resources of hospitals, improves the supply efficiency, and is of great significance to improve its own efficiency.
RFID technology is introduced into the consumables cabinet. At the same time, the identity authentication module and camera monitoring module are integrated downward, and the intelligent management platform is connected upward. The modern logistics service is extended to hospitals and operating rooms, so as to realize the supervision and tracking of high-value consumables, so that high-value intervention consumables can be exchanged among suppliers, hospitals and patients, and an efficient and intelligent modern hospital consumables management is created The management mode will effectively solve the problems in the management of high value consumables.
RFID high value medical consumables cabinet integrates high-performance reader and writer of anti-counterfeiting traceability management system for medical materials, which can automatically, quickly and accurately read the whole cabinet of large quantities of consumables, track the use process of consumables, and monitor the process of application, purchase, acceptance, receipt, use and scrap, covering the whole life cycle of consumables, so as to make effective planning statistics and replenishment for the hospital , providing accurate data support; 

The anti-counterfeiting traceability management system of medical materials realizes rapid inventory, automatic identification and record of in and out of the warehouse, any multiple cabinets can be configured in combination, main cabinet + auxiliary cabinet (window sub cabinet / conduit sub cabinet). After the operation, the use of data can be connected and transmitted to his system for billing, to avoid missed charges, and to dynamically display the inventory, use and shortage information of consumables in real time, so as to realize the lean supply system of consumables requisition, purchase and supplement. Through the software, it can also realize the early warning of near validity period, interception of over validity period and tracking management of batch number. The report query function can perfectly replace the manual record kept by the Department, and the electronic tracing can be realized for the information such as the supplementary report of consumables.
The side of the whole cabinet can be customized with silk screen printing, providing OEM service. Slide drawer and hanger can be pulled out when using, which is convenient for taking consumables. The top of the cabinet is equipped with emergency unlocking and maintenance window. The door frame is made of aluminum oxide, durable and beautiful. There are many ways to open the auxiliary cabinet, such as vein, medical card, or main cabinet software. Each floor is equipped with 4 grid information display screens to realize real-time display of consumable types and information and prompt nurses to take them. The laminate is equipped with acrylic transparent partition to separate the categories and facilitate management. The transparent window of the cabinet body is convenient to observe the use of consumables outside the cabinet. The main cabinet is equipped with one or two-dimensional code scanning, which is convenient to read the identity information, verify the door opening, or scan the two-dimensional code of consumables for RFID data reading in special circumstances (when the RFID tag is invalid). Equipped with 14 inch capacitive touch screen, convenient for human-computer interaction and process management. Optional receipt printer to print and retain data. The main cabinet can be used to control and cascade the secondary cabinets to realize multi cabinet control, unified data collection and external data interaction.
The high value medical consumables cabinet based on RFID technology can be used in the medical materials which belong to different specialties and directly affect the human body and have strict requirements for safety and relatively high value. It mainly includes stent, artificial organ, interventional catheter material, implant material, anesthesia material, etc. With the rapid expansion of the hospital scale, its use scope and quantity show a rapid growth trend. In the face of the increasing use of high value consumables, the hospital should also carry out efficient and safe management to effectively eliminate the loss of high value consumables, dynamic management and real-time monitoring.

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