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Intelligent medical material management

The intelligent warehouse management system of medical devices is a tool for the core agents to keep and allocate all kinds of products in the inventory during the process of warehouse and sales channel circulation. The intelligent warehouse management system of medical devices is mainly used for the scientific management of all kinds of medical devices in the circulation process of the sales link, including the classification and inventory of medical devices, so as to assist the management personnel to make a more reasonable material allocation plan. The system can improve the scientificity and rationality of all kinds of materials management, improve the inventory turnover rate, reduce the overstock and waste, optimize the material management process, and the comprehensive application of all kinds of labels will play an active role in standardizing market behavior, cracking down on fake and inferior products, etc. RFID medical device intelligent warehouse management system is based on RFID technology research and development of medical device management information management system, which is specially designed for the scientific management of core agents for their products. Through the management of medical materials in and out, inventory management, shelf management, scientific realization of standardized medical material management, optimized management process, and improved the circulation efficiency of agent products. The system maintains the advanced and safe medical device management system, and provides third party interfaces for customers to connect with other software.

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